12 Volt Solar Panels Printed on 3D Kyocera Printers?

Could 3D Printed Solar Panels be in the near future?

If you are of a certain age you may remember a TV Series which started like below:

“… We have the technology, we can rebuild him”

You see they had the technology, they were able to use it, it worked! Unfortunately we do not have that same ideology today. For my first article (which will also serve as my introduction) on my new blog I am going to discuss two technologies which may help us save the world someday.

NOTE: I am not talking about “Global Warming” or any other related topics in this article as that would be redundant and you can read all about the different manners of apocalypse and doom we are headed for because we drive cars at this site here.

Kyocera’s line of 12 Volt Solar Panels

Kyocera makes some of the world’s best 12 Volt Solar Panels which are portable enough to be used in Mobile Home Repair, RV’s upgrades and some small boats. However, right now this type of Solar Panel has to be manufactured, distributed and shipped all over the world – plus there are import tariff’s, technological impediments and hosts of regulations which in large part hinder the ability to get this technology out to the masses. If there was a way to get this product out to the masses by way of the internet or having to pay a healthy sum in import and excise tariffs – I believe a lot more people would be using Solar Energy. Which leads to our next discussion which is …. printers which are capable of mass printing solar panel cells.

Kyocera Printer Repair OR how do we repair the 3D printer market in order to print Solar Panels.

Currently 3D printing is in it’s infancy. Of course we have all heard of the man who created the 3D pistol on his 3D printer – which ended up exploding when it was used. However, simple 12 Volt Solar Panels do not necessarily require the same set of moving parts that a Pistol has and the ability to put them together. Just take a look here at this flexible solar panel and you will see what I mean. Also take a look below at the two solar panels below, one is homemade and the other is from a pro solar array. While you can still obviously tell which one is which, you can see the technology is not much different.

What I am trying to say is that the technology should already be here to do this, if it is not already available. We need to make everything more mainstream so that consumers have the ability to use this technology en masse.

Benefits of Kyocera Printers printing their own 12 Volt Solar Panels

Let me state, just for a moment, that this could be any company that makes solar panels, whether they are 12 Volt Solar Panels or otherwise … it does not matter. The reason I singled out Kyocera is because of the fact that they are the only company I know of which does both solar panels and printing equipment.

Why we should be able to 3D print Solar Panels

Think about this for a second: you wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, get dressed and you notice that the air conditioning is a bit low on power. You go to your computer, pull up the program and build your own brand new Solar Panel, you install the new panel and now you have plenty of energy running through the house. Sound like science-fiction, it really isn’t. We are not that far off from this type of scenario and I believe that it should happen sooner or later. If you look at this article regarding how solar panels are made on Wikipedia you will notice that it states that Solar Panels are printed … hmm … sounds familiar doesn’t it.

Take a look at this video on Solar Panels below.

Hmm, if I can build Solar Panels at home, I should be able to build them in a 3D printer.

Building Solar Panels in a 3D Printer could be good for the economy.

Think about how many times your current printer breaks down, gets paper jams, etc. This would be fantastic for those in the Printer and Copier Repair profession such as the folks at American Servco. As a matter of fact Clayton Creasy, founder of American Servco Imaging Systems states that if he were to train employees on how to properly repair Kyocera 3D printers – this could end up being a huge booming business. He estimates that his business would go up at least 60 percentage points alone just in basic maintenance of 12 volt solar panels being printed.

Benefits to National Security

Finally, and this goes with saying, our National Security would be better off. If ever there was a case where should be able to build our own energy farm at the house, this is it! Currently we are beholden to foreign interests and large overseas corporations (i.e. – British Petroleum). We need a way to fuel our own energy reserves and provide our own power. Not to mention it would save lives because we would not be fighting over millions of years old Dinosaur remains.

There are, of course some cons

Of course the technology would have to come a long way. Most panels are built in factories that are strictly regulated by the US federal government. These factories are held to strict certification standards such as ISO9001 and ISO14001 for example. Certification Bodies, also called registrars – make audits often. There is an excellent article on ISO9001 Certification that you can read here.  Needless to say, that these certifications help you get a better quality product that is held to a high standard. However, this should not deter us from pursuing this technology.

Please take these words to heart

While this article may not be the most thorough I do hope it gives people something to think about when it comes to the idea of home grown solar farms. The benefit for the economy, the planet and national security is too great to pass up.