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The obligatory About Page

There are some conventions in the world of blogging which generally boggle one’s intellectual fortitude. As you can see this website is about ways to combat the need for fossil fuels and even combat *cough*Global Warming*cough*. Please read what makes my blog different below.

This website attacks the need for alternative energy from a place you may have never heard of before – the conservative right. Yes I am a conservative person who tends to believe that all of the generally leftist propaganda regarding alternative energy is sorely misguided.

Here are my reasons that we should have alternatives to fossil fuels, you will find examples of all of these throughout this blog:

1) We need to reduce our reliance on Foreign regimes for the sake of our national security.

Whether or not we will ever rid ourselves of the massive contracts we have with foreign governments is debatable. What is not debatable however is the fact that we as a society rely *WAY* too much of foreign oil to power this country(USA). We fight wars for foreign oil (yes I am a conservative and I know this, I don’t mind, but I know), we allow outrageous gas prices at the pump which further cripples our pocketbooks and we have way too much deference for foreign dictators who provide the oil that we need.  We need strong alternatives to foreign oil/energy in order to maintain a stronger national sovereignty.

2) Money

Of course what would any conservative blog be without discussion of the bottom line. Money is perhaps the strongest motivator for ending our reliance on foreign energy suppliers. If you look at my first article on the home page, you will see that while what I proposed may be somewhat science fiction at this time – it could end up being a very viable alternative in the future.

What this website is not about is Global Warming!

Like most good “conservatives” I believe that Global Warming is horseshit! I will sum up my beliefs thusly:

1) The earth may be getting warmer but it is absolutely not enough to hurt us in any meaningful way. Global Warming may kill us in 1000 years, but it is not happening tomorrow. In addition, I believe that many a scientist has exaggerated the threat of Global Warming in order to achieve grant money.

2) The fact that Global Warming has such political and industrial appeal means that it is ripe for corruption and “money grubbery”. To think that scientists are so pure as to not be capable of corruption is naive and dangerous. Everyone likes money, everyone. So if scientists are faced with not feeding their families or “fudging” some “Global Warming” data – which one do you think they would choose?

I hope that this tells you a little bit more about my website and what it is that I am striving to accomplish here.

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